Antique Typewriters

Pour plus de détails sur les machines et leur fonctionnement rendez-vous sur CE SITE

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butterfly a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

haha the first one looks like a rotary text 2way.

Marieaunet a dit…

yes! some looks like old rotary phones, other looks like compass, it makes me want to have one like this!

Devans00 a dit…

I love the industrial design of the typewriters. Even though they were used in the late 1800s, the machines were the latest technology products.

My favorite is the Odell 2 1890. The workmanship is amazing.

Guida a dit…

They are real works of art!
Some of them I can't understand how they worked.

Marieaunet a dit…

If you clic on the link i gave on top you will find some explanations.
here it is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/32435222@N03

Claddagh a dit…

Wonderful photos,
Like Guida states they are works of art. Thanks a million for posting the auld type writers on your blog.

Claddagh Irish


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