Sun City Girls - Dante's Disneyland Inferno - Book of Revelations

Through the deep folds in the lace I hid the grimace on my face
In the rattling bullet shells I heard the sound of wedding bells
Jesus! I love you but you're a big pain in the ass
If you were a woman you'd be one ugly fuckin' lass
But you're not, you're not, you're a demon in disguise
Sometimes you're so well hidden, I can't find words to describe you...
Yet I do, I do, the truth just can't be concealed
Even light can't escape the gravity of your negative force-field
You're just skin dislodged from a skeleton with ease
Living with your reason is like living with disease
I read the dictionary...it taught me how to kill
I've always had that problem and I guess I always will
I've got an Oedipal distraction larger than an old Greek temple
I shot my dad at seven in the forehead through the temple
I've always loved my Katie and she's always been my fall
Ever since I was on my throne in heaven, she's my goddess of the odd
The flecks of our skin fall like the peels off an apple
As we fall from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Onto you, the you inside you was born inside my mothers womb
Filled with rubies that could sparkle inside a living tomb
I know you want to stab me and burn off all my hair
but I'll fuck you up the ass so hard you'll need a wheel chair
Please Lord help me to keep my thoughts peaceful and still
Cause if you don't I've got a knife that rhymes with kill
Ever since the middle ages my mother taught me right
She used to always tell me that I was very bright
So I took a can of lighter fluid and poured it on my head
And lit myself on fire till I thought that I was dead
I shone bright in the darkness, I swung from nail to nail
Until a fire truck screeched to a halt and they locked me back in jail
I was darker than a nuns cunt with a womb filled full of lead
With an unfulfilled desire for a brain I wished was dead
I sold my soul to the devil to make that lighter fluid roar
So his victim wound up bankrupt when the devil went to war
Then I chewed all the skin off my finger and I spit it in a rubber glove
So you could take all my troubles and convert them into love
Up and down on a playground wing my love enraptures everything
With a mill stone chain around my neck I walked on the lake of swill
And concentrated all my thoughts on why I love to kill
Inside of every mans a killer, a killer with a firm resolve
to kill that part of man that his conscience can't dissolve
I'll take this song and burn it, right here in my cell
The smoke will waft up through your nose and lift you off to hell
If yellow is the reflection of the absolute shade of light
Let my skin reflect the courage of the absence of the night
And with an erection in one hand and a razor in the other
I'll attain my state of bliss.....so why do you just stand there
And let me rant and rave like this?
I sleep with one hand opened to make my final chess move count
I slide my finger across the razor, it moves straight like a rook in doubt
I gotta wife who eats two bails a day and lies like a saddle tramp
Someday her face will adorn my knife and look like a canceled postage stamp
My mind is like a garbage can that everyone fights to get inside
You got so far up to his neck, it felt like suicide
I'll give you your life like sparks from a grinder
Let the speed of light be a constant reminder
Give me your tongue that likes to suck
My fingers strangle claw and fuck
Maybe you'll like this new sensation...
caught in my grip of inspiration
Give me your life and I'll give you my word
Like an old man breathing on a dried up turd
Give me a knife to make the orchids yelp
My cunt lips scream out cries for help
If love can fly on a trusting wing...
then I can't trust any god damned thing
If love could live in a heap of dung
I'd spray it with a halo of my own white cum
When I butcher all the bitches in this world of whores
Then I'll spit my cum into their open sores
When your panties are transparent and expose your dirty lies
Then you'll know I'm God in heaven wearing band-aids on my eyes

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