Sun City Girls - 1996 - Dante's Disneyland Inferno - Six Kids of Mine

In a town full of hard luck cases
There's a waiting there for me
My pregnant wifes in a hospital bed
In a ward of maternity.
With five children already at home
I've reached the end of my rope
I'll take a pillow from the closet
And extinguish all of their hopes

One at a time, their neck in my palm
I'll squeeze the breath from their bodies
And get rid of all of my spawn
Dear god in heaven give them all your best
For here on Terra Firma I need a little more rest

Anticipation is my only name
I took a pillow from the closet
And choked my newborns flame
I went down to bribe the doctor
With a "C" note and when I left
The death certificate said the reason
Was attributed to crib death

Its three in the morning
And the screaming fills my head
Its driving me god damned crazy
And my face is turning beat red
I'll smother the little screaming monsters
Then I'll head on back to bed
And at sun up in the mornin'
They'll find another kid dead

Six kids of mine and they're cryin' all the time
It's three o'clock in the mornin' and they're drivin' me outta my mind
I'll take the pillow from the closet and choke them all to rest
And call the doctor in the morning and he'll blame it all on crib death

Now, crib death is a horror
it can strike at any time
The good ol' lord can give life
And he takes it all the same
But I choked their little noggins
And silenced the brothers grim
And at the funeral parlor
I blamed it all on him

Now, crib death is a horror
I bow my head to the east
And I pray to god, I may be forgiven
For altering his bountiful feast
Though I haven't slept in ages
I've got an alibi at least
And now I can go on back to bed
and finally rest in peace!

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