The Guide for the Unlucky de Kyle Bean

Tout est dans le titre. Ce petit livre en pop up, joue avec les superstitions.
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3 commentaires:

•.†.•AndreA Rebolledo•.†.• a dit…

Hi! I love your blog. I read it every time I can. This post is so cool! I just love the pop-up book full of supersticions.
I'd love to have it thouhg I'm not very fond of superticions. Well, keep on the good work ^^

Marieaunet a dit…

hello Andrea! I know you! in fact i know your blog, i saw it several times on my stats.Your blog is very interessting too!i think we have same taste
i see you have two more blogs! i have to see that...i am going to steel you a lot of things ;-)
happy to see you writing here a comment! (sorry my english is a bit awful)

•.†.•AndreA Rebolledo•.†.• a dit…

Don't worry, you can steal whatever you want!^^
Yes, I've beed reading your blog for quite a long time.


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